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Vendor application are no longer being accepted for 2021

Check back in March of 2022


Can’t wait to see you at the fair!

After we determine what space will be available, we will be in touch with you, and send you a contract for the year.

You must supply any and all equipment required for your display. We will have electricity available.

2019 vendor locations, contacts and websites be sure to check them out at the 2019 Fair!

1 H.A. George Propane  www.georgepropane.com
2-3 Nelson Candy -Donald Nelson
4 Highland Tae Kwon Do- Nancy Harry
5 Lord Fafnir & Spawn Psychic Readers Bruce Hoskins www.fafnirandspawn.com
6 Monroe Bridge Books- Kathleen Pew
7 AVON- Kim Watson
8 Enchanted Gardens- Mark and Luisa Chartier
9 Yankee Home Improvement www.yankeehomeinc.com
10 Westfield Watershed- Carri Banks
11 Joe Orlandi/onions Joe and Gino Orlandi
12 Great Spirit Collection- Martha Lema
13 Jan Hughes & Janice Hughes
14 Voter Choice Massachusetts
15 Ashfield Rod and Gun -Joe Miraglia
16 Old Creamery Co-op www.oldcreamery.coop
17 Jungle fever snake photo -Dean Americo Manuel jr
18/19 The Nom Nom Hut- Ed Megarry
19 Bofat Hill Sales -Dennis Pittsinger
20 Casanova Remodeling LLC www.casanovaremodeling.com
21 Culligan Water -Diane Boulerice www.Culliganwaterco.com
22 Micheal Angelos Baked Potato- baked potatoes, ice tea, apple dumplings – Michael Jones
23 Jan Hughes 
24 Jan Hughes 
24 j.r.watkins Robert and Francine Dewey http://jrwatkins.com
25 Veterans Hemp Market
26 Chesterfield Volunteer Firefighter’s Assn. 
27A Dean Elliott  
28 Snowmobile Club
30 Goshen Recreation Unlimited 
31 Joanie’s Twin Twist ice cream
32 DJ SALES PLUS- Dee Gardiner
33 SunBug Solar Ned Wilson http://www.sunbugsolar.com
34 Bruisers BBQ -Scott Moore
35A Marco Concessions Smoothies
35B Taco Wagon/Marco Concessions- Mark Strait
37 4H Picnic Area 
38 4 H Food Booth 
39 Barbara Arponte  
40 Information Booth 
41 Art’s French Fries- Michael Lanouette
42 Orlandi
43 Perry Orlandi/lemonade Gino Orlandi
43A Geno Orlandi/ice Joe and Gino Orlandi
50 Dept. of Conservation
52 Fire Department Smoke House
56 Geno Orlandi/chicken Joe and Gino Orlandi
56A picnic area
57 Adams Stove- David Meier
58 Red Bucket Sugar Shack 
59 Millers Petroleum- Dennis Miller
60 Henshaw- Dan Henshaw
61 Bacon’s Equipment -Paul Bacon
62 Maple Grove -Peter Levesque
63 Cummington Fire Dept
64 Josephine Hillios 
65 Gillette Shows- Betty Gillette
71 Insight Solar

72 Bourgie Glass
73 Galactic Brainiacs Productions
73A M & G Kettle Korn Greg Galanek www.mgkettlekorn.com
73B ArtLords
74 Rescom Exteriors Missy Quirk
75 Dean Elliott
Pavillion Padula Brothers Kris Kauffman www.padulabrothers.com
Maint 1
Maint 2

78 Dean Elliott Dean Elliott
81 Cummington Fair Food Booth

84-88 Devon Lane Tractors NATE SHATTUCK
XX The Fire Place Vicki L.’Abbee
Hilltop Orlandi Joe and Gino Orlandi
Hilltop 2 Orlandi Jan Hughes
4H-1 Smith Vocational Deb Carver
4H-2 Department of Children and Families -Daisy Acosta http://mass.gov/dcf
4H-3 Franklin County Technical School
Mus-1 Bryan Homestead

CB 1 Calcraft Carmel-ann Lariviere
CB 3 Beedle’s Baubles- Carol Plourde
CB 4 LDTutus- Amy Goddard
CB 5 A Polar Night
CB 6 Funky Sharky -Elizabeth Chapman www.etsy.com/shop/funkysharky
CB 7 Raybella’s
CB 8 Highland Ledge Farm
CB 9 Saltbox Seasonings- Christina Bozza https://www.facebook.com/Saltbox-seasonings-107105903312546/
CB 10 Barbara Giusti
CB 11 Soul Trees -Antoinette Reed
CB 12 Joanie’s Crafts -Joan Blakesley
CB 14 FishScale Creations- Crystal Howcroft www.facebook.com/FishScaleCreations
CB 15 Traditional baskerty
CB 16 Michael Hussey  
CB 17 Pam Outhuse 
CB 18 Berkshire Photos -Jan & Christy Butler
CB 19 Endless Colors -Patricia Turschman
CB 20 Moonlight crafts -Samantha Pierce
CB 21 Morel Woodcarving- Jonathon Morel www.morelwoodcarving.com
CB 22 TD Ceramics Anthony Meirno https://independent.academia.edu/TonyMerino/Portfolio