Sheep Facts for Kids

 Facts from the Pioneer Valley Young Shepherds Club

1.Sheep are sheared 1 or 2 times a year and it doesn't hurt, it is like a haircut.

2.Sheep are come in different varieties: meat, wool and hair sheep.

3.Sheep eat grains, grass and hay.

4. A male sheep is a ram, a female is a ewe, a lamb is under 1 year of age.

5. In the show we have different age classes: a yearling is over 1 year, lambs can be divided into Junior and Senior classes based on their birthday.

6. A ewe is pregnant for about 5 months and can have 1-3 lambs at a time. Lambs are usually born from January to April but can be born at other times.

7. Fitting and Showmanship is how well the youth and their animal work together and how well the youth groomed the sheep for showing.