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General Rules


1. Adult and Youth Halls exhibits will be received Wednesday from 2 PM -9 PM.

1a. POULTRY exhibits will be received on WEDNESDAY ONLY from 1 PM to 9 PM.

2. All entries must be in place by 11 AM Thursday.

3. NO Hall or Poultry exhibits can be removed before 8:30 PM on Sunday.

4. A person shall not offer for exhibit any item not produced and/ or prepared by himself. Livestock must be owned by the exhibitor at least thirty days prior to exhibition.

5. An exhibitor shall make only one entry in a given class. Except Adult Livestock classes.

6. New classes may be listed and judged, provided there are three or more entries.

7. Youth Exhibits are for unmarried boys and girls six through nineteen years of age as of January 1 of the current year.

8. Undesirable quality exhibits and those not properly entered will not be accepted.

9. The committee, judge, or fair management reserves the right to reject any and/or all exhibits they feel are not desirable.

10. Placings will be awarded on basis of quality of exhibits and the decision of the judge will be final.

11. All products, including jam (except jelly), shall be sealed by processing, open kettle or hot water bath for fruits and tomatoes, pressure for vegetables and meats.

12. No adult livestock exhibitors allowed to make more than two entries in any one class. Only one herd and one best 3 females and one flock of any one breed allowed by any one exhibitor.

13. Cattle shall be clean and in proper condition for showing.

14. 4-H or Youth may show in only Youth Classes or only Adult Classes, but not both.

15. No premium will be paid to any exhibitor who is not a resident of this state nor to any exhibit of the same which is not subject to a Mass. Tax. Draft Classes are excluded from this rule.

16. No exhibitor shall approach the committee in charge of the Class to which he contributes with any criticism or advice as to their duty, neither use any influence whereby their decision may be warped, on pain of forfeiture of all rights to his premium.

17. The Superintendent of Concessions shall be provided with blank forms and shall give each person renting grounds a permit stating the business for which he is licensed. The license shall be conspicuously posted at said place of business and any person found engaged in any occupation not specified therein, shall forfeit and leave the grounds.

18. The extreme penalty of the law will be invested upon all persons detected in bringing intoxicating liquors on the grounds, or in gambling, or in disturbing the public peace.

19. The management will endeavor to use due care to protect all exhibits. They will not be responsible for loss or damage of exhibits, or injury to animals or persons.

20. If on account of bad weather or for any other reason the receipts fall short, the Fair Association reserved the right to pay the premiums in proportion to the receipts, with the exception of those offered by the State, which will be paid by check from the State Treasurer.

21. The decisions of the Executive Committee shall be final.