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Exhibitor Entry

Exhibitor Winners 2018

         Adult Exhibit Hall 2018

         Youth Exhibit Hall 2018

         Youth Livestock 2018

         Adult Livestock 2018


Exhibitor entry is now closed.  


*ADULT HALL will be open to receive exhibits between 4 – 9 PM on Wednesday and
8 – 11 AM on Thursday.

*4-H and Youth HALLS will be open to receive 4-9 pm Wednesday and 8-11:30 Thursday.

*4-H and Youth:

       DAIRY AND BEEF CATTLE  will be received between 2pm and 7pm on Friday

       COWS IN MILK ONLY, Must be in by 8am Saturday

       SHEEP will be received by 12 noon Friday

*Dept. 22 POULTRY, RABBITS AND PETS will be received Wednesday 1pm-9pm

Any Questions please see premium book below.


Can’t wait to see you at the fair!


Exhibitor question call Karen at 413-775-3995 

If the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture does not allot agricultural prize money toward premiums awarded on this list, the prizes will be paid by the Society.

Due to lack of State monies, everyone not having a pass will pay at the gate. Reimbursement Vouchers will be available at the gate, to be signed by your associated Superintendent and submitted to the Treasurer.