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Entertaining us at the 155th Cummington Fair 2023 


 Canines in the Clouds

(Outdoor Arena)

Thursday: 4PM, 6PM / Friday: 4PM, 6PM

Saturday: 10AM, 2PM, 6:30PM  / Sunday: 11AM, 2PM, 6pm


 Robert Clarke  “The Lucky Show”


Thursday: 4PM  / Friday: 4:30PM

Saturday: 10AM, 1PM  / Sunday:  12 noon, 3PM


 Alex the Jester


Thursday: 6:30pm / Friday: 6:30PM

Saturday: 12PM, 3PM  / Sunday: 11AM, 2PM


 Al Getler “Ventriloquist”


Thursday: 5:30pm / Friday: 6:30PM  

Saturday: 11PM, 2PM  /  Sunday: 11AM, 1PM


Jolley Interactive Experience

(Roving the grounds)

Saturday and Sunday