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ARTICLE 1. This society shall be called the Hillside Agricultural Society.

ARTICLE 2. The object of this society shall be the attainment and diffusion of scientific and practical knowledge in the cultivation of the soil and the raising of its various and useful productions as comprehended in the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture, and Pomology. For the encouragement to the introduction and raising of improved breeds of stock. For encouragement to mechanics and fine arts. For encouragement to domestic manufacture.

ARTICLE 3. On the first, second or third Saturday of November of each year– dates to be set by the Executive Committee–the Society shall hold an annual meeting in any one of the seven towns incorporated in the Society – Windsor, Goshen, Plainfield, Chesterfield, Worthington, Ashfield or Cummington – for the election of officers: vz: A President; twelve Vice-Presidents, six of whom shall be women; a Secretary; a Treasurer; three Auditors, all of whom shall be chosen for one year, or until others are elected in their stead. At the annual meeting of the Society there may be transacted any other business the interests of the Society demand.

ARTICLE 4. Ten members shall constitute a quorum for transacting business at any meeting of this Society.

ARTICLE 5. The President, the Vice-Presidents, the Secretary and Treasurer, Superintendent of Livestock, the last ex-President and the Delegate to the Mass. State Fairs Association shall constitute the Executive Committee, to whom shall be entrusted the general administration of the affairs of the Society. They shall determine the scheme of premiums to be offered, establish the rules and regulate the exhibitions and fairs held by the Society, and place of holding same, call special meetings of the Society, when they deem it advisable, appropriate and invest the funds of the Society, which shall be personal notes or real estate, and shall put in execution such measures as shall best secure the object contemplated in the second article of this constitution.

ARTICLE 6. At all meetings of the Executive Committee five members shall make
a quorum for transacting business

ARTICLE 7. The President, and in his absence one of the Vice-Presidents, shall preside at all meetings of the Society, and at all meetings of the Executive Board.

ARTICLE 8. The Secretary shall keep a true record of the proceedings at all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee, give notice of all meetings of the Society in such manner as the President may direct, conduct the correspondence of the Society and perform all other duties as the interests of the Society demand, under the general supervisions of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE 9. The Treasurer shall collect and have custody of the funds of the Society, shall keep proper books of account where the receipts and payments of all monies shall be entered, shall at the annual meeting make a report of the receipts and disbursements of the treasury, and shall give bonds to the Society in such sums as the Executive Committee shall require for the faithful discharge of the duties of office.

ARTICLE 10. The Auditors shall inspect the accounts of the Treasurer and vouchers for the same, examine the notes and other securities for the invested funds of the Society, and certify their opinion and judgement thereof at the annual meeting.

ARTICLE 11. Amended to read: The compensation of all officers and committees when acting in the service of the Society shall be determined by the vote of the Executive Committee.

ARTICLE 12. Any male or female who shall pay the Treasurer the sum of $5.00 shall be a life member of the Society.

ARTICLE 13. This constitution may be revised or amended at any annual meeting of the Society by a majority of the members present and voting thereon provided that notice to that effect be duly posted and published.